Mining Status

Stats for the last hour only, updated every minute.
Hash Rate (1hr) = Average hashrate based on shares within the last hour.
Shares = Weighted (to XMRig diff 1) shares accepted in the last hour.
Reward Percent = Approximate percentage of the subsidy to be awarded for the next block found by the pool.
Last Share = Last share submitted to the pool (UTC-10).

Last 10 Blocks Mined

HeightMiner AddressTimestamp (UTC-10)
368008Pool9/27/2022 11:47:32 PM
368005Pool9/27/2022 11:40:32 PM
367973Pool9/27/2022 7:53:28 PM
367967Pool9/27/2022 7:29:28 PM
367958BJKpVYvr3gENAyh4xXuF9npuT5TWaTHVux9/27/2022 6:22:19 PM
367957Pool9/27/2022 6:19:27 PM
367955Pool9/27/2022 6:12:27 PM
367947BMna5NqBs2xEUjpcLXzR5zaSmhGwRqCbrg9/27/2022 4:53:27 PM
367939BBG6XLXqiUP5jAyiKfv5xPJR6vj2KQ6usW9/27/2022 3:32:15 PM
367936BBG6XLXqiUP5jAyiKfv5xPJR6vj2KQ6usW9/27/2022 3:28:51 PM


BBP AddressHash Rate (1hr)SharesReward %Last Share
BCdZb3gmK43rzp3VFdNqseLmVnCtN1mvJL9371.2 h/s337363575.36%9/28/2022 2:02:11 AM
BDBiGQJuySmX89jmiXLLL43rFSnatp5w4h1898.8 h/s68357911.09%9/28/2022 2:02:41 AM
BDdnJkchKADFzcFqtUZvKSMBo1yE1YzuGY3198.2 h/s115135941.83%9/28/2022 2:02:33 AM
BHX6C42QydP9s5igY72jGJkcSPbu9nvQbu1208.3 h/s43500000.69%9/28/2022 2:01:58 AM
BJKpVYvr3gENAyh4xXuF9npuT5TWaTHVux134819 h/s48534850577.09%9/28/2022 2:02:41 AM
BMgmTAjq79NVnrtHg7Lne9FKQDEZ52M75V402.8 h/s14500000.23%9/28/2022 2:01:17 AM
BMna5NqBs2xEUjpcLXzR5zaSmhGwRqCbrg18395.4 h/s6622348310.52%9/28/2022 2:02:40 AM
BNsQ9Tgj1b6xkMT63qbS98sKQGtx7CdGqH5597.9 h/s201523923.2%9/28/2022 2:02:06 AM