Welcome to Hanalani Schools Biblepay Mining Pool

Launched in July 2017 with no premine and no ICO, BiblePay describes itself as a decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency that tithes 10% to orphan-charity (with Sanctuary governance). The project is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus, having the entire KJV bible compiled in its wallet utilizing RandomX.
BiblePay (BBP) is deflationary, decreasing its emissions by 19.5% per year.

The project views itself as a utility that provides an alternative method for giving to charity. With Generic Smart Contracts, the project seeks to become the go-to wallet for Christians.In the future, the team intends to lease file space on its Sanctuaries and release corporate integration features, such as c# access to the blockchain. The BiblePay platform is a derivative of Dash-Evolution. BiblePay is an international decentralized autonomous organization. The Team seeks to help orphans globally.

Located in Hawaii, the pool is based on the same code as Foundation pool, with a number of changes/improvements (listed below).

  • Change from Proportional to PPLNS (1-hour share window) reward system. (See pool hopping)
  • Diff-weighted shares (Original pool code was awarding all shares equally--Rob has already applied his own implementation of this to Foundation pool.)
  • Fixed hashrate calculation (for miners and pool total).
  • Various database changes and performance improvements.
    • Redid some networking code to eliminate occasional 4-8 second share submission times, resulting in reduced stale (expired) shares on the XMR side (I've observed a drop of ~3.5% to <1.0% after the change). (Also implemented on Foundation pool.)
    • Check chain height every 3 seconds (vs. 60) to make sure we're working on the latest block
  • Changed Leaderboard to Mining Status, updated every minute (vs. 2 minutes) and at every block mined by the pool:
    • Last 10 blocks mined by the pool and who mined them
    • List of pool miners by BBP address with the following stats:
      • 1-hour average hashrate.
      • Total diff-1 shares in the PPLNS share log.
      • Approximate reward percentage of the next block found.
      • Last share timestamp.
  • Miner Info - search by your BBP mining address
    • Approximate percent of next block subsidy to be awarded and estimated BBP based on last block subsidy.
    • Total pending BBP (awarded, but not yet paid).
    • Total BBP paid in the last 30 days.
    • List of block rewards awarded (up to last 100 blocks, updated every 20 minutes for blocks with at least 7 confirmations) with height, percent of block subsidy, BBP amount, and transaction ID, if already paid.
    • List of recent payouts (up to 30), with timestamp, amount, and transaction ID.
    • List of recent blocks found (up to 10) with height, worker name, and timestamp.
    • Block heights and transaction IDs can be clicked to open in Chainz.
  • About Page
    • XMR fees are controlled by the upstream pool (minexmr.com) and subject to change, so the number will no longer be displayed here.
    • Next block target difficulty (and equivalent XMR difficulty) is included with height.
    • Total Blocks found is linked to the Chainz Extraction Statistics page for the pool mining address.
    • Approximate time until the next payout
    • Pool luck stats
  • Getting Started
    • You must agree to the terms and conditions before the pool address/port and instructions are displayed. You must agree to the terms and conditions before mining at the pool.
    • Pool XMR donation address is displayed on this page if you have no interest in the XMR rewards.
    • Sample Windows batch file is provided, with failover pools (Foundation and miningpool.fun) configured.
  • Fixed and simplified mining calculator

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